Watermark Workshop | A Lesson In Business

I’ve known Kristen Weaver for almost 2 years, but I’ve admired her work and business sense for much longer than that.  Over the past 2 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her quite often as her second shooter and even taking on an associate photographer position for a few weddings.  In that time, I have learned so much from Kristen and we’ve even developed a friendship.  She’s always been willing to share little tidbits about how to make my business more successful, and has helped me grow in the technical portion of my craft.  I say all this because despite getting regular advice from her, I KNEW that when she announced her Watermark Workshop that it would be worth every penny for me to attend and learn as much as possible.

I attended Kristen’s 2-day intensive workshop in February.  To say it was eye-opening is an understatement.  If you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a while she has something to teach you.  It’s basically like having someone sift through countless hours of research on how to build a better business, and then just handing over the cliff notes to you.  She goes over everything from social media, to SEO, to the trends in our current target market.  All things that I’ve wanted desperately to learn about (as should every business owner), but haven’t had enough time to research myself (because, you know, I’m busy running my business).

And if you’ve grown your business as much as you can as a 1-man show, she also goes over her intern program, associate positions, and how her team as a whole works together.  I’m not quite at the point to be bringing others onto my team, but I have no doubt that once I do I will have some amazing resources to look back on and learn from all over again.

As if all that knowledge weren’t enough, we were treated to an amazing styled shoot at the end of our second day.  One of Kristen’s interns put together a “Moroccan Tea Party” themed shoot as her final project and we were lucky enough to capture some beautiful images from all of her hard work.  By teaming up with an all-star roster of vendors (which Kristen also teaches you how to connect with), it was truly a feast for the eyes!

It might sound strange, but I think my favorite part of the shoot was the smell!  Erin did such a phenomenal job paying attention to detail that as soon as we pulled up you could smell the incense burning.  And can we talk about the custom table designed by A Girl and Her Glitter?  Talk about something I’ve never seen before!

If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to experience Kristen’s Watermark Workshop, I urge to grab a seat as fast you can.  The knowledge you will come away with is worth it’s weight in gold!  And who doesn’t want to make their business better and stronger than it was the day before?


Florist: Bluegrass Chic   @bluegrasschicweddings

Venue: The Acre Orlando   @theacreorlando

Cake Artist: The Sugar Suite   @thesugarsuite

Hair and Makeup: Jillian Caro    @instaglam_jc

Videographer: Jeffrey Stoner   @jeffreystonervideo

Dress Shop: Calvet Couture Bridal   @calvetcouturebridal

Rentals: WISH Vintage Rentals   @wishrents

Stationery: Simply Jessica Marie   @simplyjessicamarie

Planner: Lisa with An Affair to Remember   @aatrweddings

Custom Furniture: A Girl and Her Glitter   @agirlandherglitter

Chairs and Flatware: A Chair Affair   @achairaffair

Edibles: Le Macaron

Styling Props: Adorn Company  @adorncompany

Models: Modern Muse Models  @modernmusemodels

Gown: Kennedy from Sarah Seven    @sarahseven

Gown: Remmington from Hayley Paige    @misshayleypaige

Teas: Teavana  @teavanatea

Decor: Z.Gallerie  @zgallerieAnthropologie  @anthropologie  and Crate and Barrel  @crateandbarrel

Jewelry: Anthropologie @anthropologie

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