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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m the proud owner of Stephanie Dishman Photography in Orlando, FL!

I guess if you’re on this page that means you actually want to know a little about who I am.  That’s always a tough one… I’m a girly girl, and love all things pink and sparkly (I even got a sparkly pink car for my 16th birthday and can show you pictures if you want proof).  That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to rough it though – I did grow up with 3 horses and had to muck out their stalls (enough said)!  I also love travel and food, and they seem to go hand in hand for me.  Whenever my husband and I go somewhere new we head for the nearest “top rated” restaurant to try dishes where I’d probably rather not know what’s in them.  Even our 5-year old son has been known to order bacon-wrapped scallops in lieu of mac n cheese.   Favorite place I’ve been?  I’d probably make it toss-up between Thailand (for the natural beauty) and Paris (for the romance and food).
I also assume that if you’re on this page, you want to know what I can do for you.  How I can help capture your special day.  Well, like I said – I like all things pretty and sparkly and I love to photograph all of those little details on your day.  Does that mean I miss out on the “moments”?  Absolutely not.  Didn’t you read I was into Paris for the romance?!  You can’t “create” those real, loving moments that happen with a couple, so I love to watch it unfold naturally and capture it as authentically as I can.  I also have a bit of a habit of becoming friends with my couples.  I mean, it’s not a requirement just something I find happens.  I’m genuinely interested and invested in my clients, their wedding, and their lives in general.  I think that when my couples see that, it tends to create a bit of a bond.  Don’t believe me?  Check out my reviews:)
I’d love to meet with you and learn about your story, and I’d be absolutely honored if you wanted me to capture that love story.

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